Monday, 16 February 2009

Recent drawings based on evolution of the finch and taxonomy

Friday, 13 February 2009

These are four ethchings that i created from earlier drawings of skulls.

Fifth and final image for the sequence of illustrations below

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I have been working on these images recently they are a series of drawings from which i took inspiration from the short story called the tinderbox by Hans Christian Anderson, there is a fifth image still to come but it hasn't been finished yet.

Series of a4 two colour biro drawings of different skulls.
From top
Human skull
Gorilla skull
Deer skull
Killer whale skull
 rams skull

Artwork created for a local bath band called Artizan Quater. Artwork was eventually used for  there website. (follow this link) 

These are my two token designs for an event we held at our uni called Le Burea De Change in which we got other students to come along and bring an item in which you could swap for a token and then swap the token for another item.

Wall project in which we were able to create two designs to go onto two walls in a hotel room. I decided to illustrate trees with only lines to keep it simple and easy to look at.

These are a series of drawings for a booklet to go inside of a cd case for a made up band called The Toys. 1 drawing of the stuffed toy goes alongside of one of the drawing of the board game. Will put up images of the complete book at some point.

These 4 posters are my responses to the phrase words in space in which i decided to take our daily newspapers and remove all type and leave the images to tell the story.